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Inherit the Throne, is an action-thriller by using a strong female protagonist and was even selected like a finalist the actual planet 2010 Textnovel Contest. Probably one of the readers on Textnovel even likened the main character together with a female Jason Bourne; which of course made me extremely happy as I am a super-big fan of Robert Ludlum's best character - ever. Inherit the Throne takes you from the gritty back streets of WashingtonD.C.to the fog shrouded forests among the Pacific North west.

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So far, so good. I really love the camera, and it's a beautiful step up from my standard point and shoot 10MP Olympus Stylus 1030SW. (Read that review here). I love the new and unique settings, love the picture quality, and love how simple digital camera was make use of of. I plan on posting complete review after having the camera for a longer period time. Till then, I hope this makes it possible to with your purchasing substitute.