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Improve Range of Motion While Relieving Pain
Most pain relievers are designed to reduce inflammation, which is the leading cause of pain. The relief may last for three or four hours, but the pain returns. This is not effective arthritis pain relief or the best way to relieve muscle stiffness because those situations linger. Other types of pain are long-lasting as well, and will continue to be recurring.

Prolonged or acute inflammation can be debilitating, effecting mobility and range of motion making walking or any movement difficult. Range of motion is improved when anti-inflammatory ingredients reach deep tissue and lubricate cells. joint pain relief is also reinforced as inflammation subsides. Continued use of the right pain reliever can have a drastic effect on the severity and duration of pain.

Topical Creams Do Not Permeate the Surface

The majority of creams for pain relief available on the market today are only strong enough to get to the upper layers of surface skin. Some relief is experienced, but it is fleeting. Creams can be expensive, so applying them throughout the day can be difficult on the average budget. It can also be difficult if people are seeking arthritis pain relief in the fingers and hands.

Those with chemicals, harsh pain relievers like capsaicin, or even certain perfumes will interact with some medications, exacerbate respiratory symptoms, or irritate the skin. Since most people seeking arthritis pain relief are on some type of medication, or have thin and sensitive skin, these are not recommended.

Deep Reaching Cream

There are a few creams that have been developed by health care professionals that are specifically designed to reach deep tissue. This is accomplished by combining homeopathic anti-inflammatory ingredients with natural liposomes that penetrate the dermis layers of the skin. The use of all-natural ingredients makes this cream safe and toxin-free.

It does not interact with medications or irritates sensitive skin. There are a few circumstances where the cream should not be used. Do not use joint pain relief , bug bites, poison ivy, or open wounds. Users should not apply this cream at the same time as a heating pad is on the area.

Other Uses for Myonatural

The cream is also used for sports injuries, back pain, headaches, and neuropathy pain relief. It has been used by professional athletes for over a decade, and was introduced to the public in 2007. This product is available online in either three ounce bottles, or an easy to use sixteen ounce pump. People who have used the cream have reported pain relief for as long as twelve hours at a time with consistent use.

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