Animal Experts: Exotic Pet Law Working, But Animals Still Easy to Get

DAYTON — We’ve had our fair share of exotic animal problems in Ohio. From the tigers and bears that had to be shot and killed in Zanesville, to the venomous snake that killed a Dayton firefighter a few years ago. Now that they’re illegal here and laws are much stricter, we should be seeing less of them. But it turns out exotic animals are fairly easy to acquire.As the Veterinarian explained Right Boot’s health problems Sunday night, Tim Harrison sat in the background in dismay.Broke my heart, I realized this guy needs some TLC, said Harrison who’s with Outreach for Animals. They advocate for respecting wildlife and the safety of humans. The retired Oakwood Police officer’s rescued dozens upon dozens of exotic animals – many of them in Ohio. It was all profiled in a documentary, Elephant i

November 26, 2016 10:23 am