Manx purebred kittens


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Manx purebred kittens available. 5 Born June 12th 2016. Prices range from 350 to 450.. Registered or unregistered. Breeding or show. 4 Males and 1 female. Rumpy,riser,stumpy, 2 longies. Colors? Marbled and rosettes. Cinnamon,champagne, silver, and white. Probably a colorpoint. Ready for a new home at 8 – 10 weeks. August September 2016. Anyone that has experienced having a Manx cat will tell you they are not like any other breed of cat …highly intelligent, loving,and playful. ..more dog like in personality. Bonds to their favorite person for life. Follows them around and devotedly watches everything they do. When called, come to their name. Love water, and often find them playing in the bath tub. Entertaining, up front and personal. Please call Jacque. Wildrose Manx TCA 505/864-3971 or 505/980-5790 for more information, current photos and how to reserve one of these special felines. Email:

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