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ACA Siberian Husky

Their exotic, wolf-like appearance makes Huskies appealing to many people, and their even temperament, love of other dogs and indifference to strangers makes them ideal […]

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What you need to know about exotic pet husbandry

What you need to know about exotic pet husbandry If having a dog, cat or fish isn't enough, then you can opt to take care of exotic pets. Exotic pets are animals that are so rare and are an unorthodox pet in a household. Simply put, these are creatures that are normally not imagined to be a pet. Those who have exotic pets are considered to be unique pet owners. Some exotic pet homeowners have reptiles such as crocodiles and snakes. They also have amphibians such as frogs and turtles. They have rodents like hamsters and mice. These creatures are considered to somehow be normal pets that they’re no longer considered to be that ‘exotic.’ More and more animal lovers are getting interested in experiencing firsthand taking care of what is not the ‘norm’ pets. Other exotic animals include ferrets and domestic rats. Because of the growing number of these ‘rare and unusual’ creatures as animals, the word ‘exotic’ is relevant to the owner. Since then, a number of pet stores…
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Treating Animals with Acupuncture

Treating Animals with Acupuncture It has long been known that acupuncture is a great way to treat many disorders and diseases with the alternative therapy that's called acupuncture. There are a great many benefits to the therapy and it is practiced literally all over the world. Even though there are many questions that need to be raised as to how the whole process works, many people are just fine and satisfied with the fact that they don't need empirical data in order to see that acupuncture truly works. But one issue that you may not have thought of before is whether or not animals are able to be subject to the same alternative therapy of acupuncture as humans are. This is naturally a delicate issue that many people don't take lightly, but when it comes to pets living in homes there are also many people who are concerned about the health of their animals. Here is some food for thought when trying to decide if animal acupuncture is the best thing for your pet: Does Acup…
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The A-Z of YouTube: Celebrating 10 Years #HappyBirthdayYouTu…

The A-Z of YouTube: Celebrating 10 Years #HappyBirthdayYouTube Ten years back in May, YouTube made the most of in beta. As, we're doing it from A to Z. With over 75 suggestions along with 18 filmmaking designs, we've planned to video various of the all-natural design along with alternative of YouTube from the ins 2014.
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