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Pet and Animals birds beautiful birds for sale

Videos 11 hours ago

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Beautiful Betta for Sale…

Videos June 21, 2018

Dear people, Greetings for the day… {Seller Contact Number:+91 9962385674} If you want to sell your pets then just send us your video on email or at WhatsApp email:buypetsandsale@gmail.com whatsapp number:7598228875 Thank you

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American Bully Puppies For sale

Videos June 20, 2018

Call or Text at 832-952-9659

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LIVE: Animals Can Be Jerks | ABC, CNN, Nat Geo Wild Documentary 2018

Videos June 19, 2018

Including: 10 Really Unique Animals You Can’t Believe They Actually Exist 1000 FIRE ANTS Army vs Giant SPIDERS! (Empires of the Undergrowth NEW Battle) Wild Animals Running Race In Outdoor Playground Giant Wheel With Surprise Toys Learn Colors For Kids Real Fight Lion vs Leopard Attack Impala 100 ANIMALS swimming in the pool! Skyheart plays with animal toys for kids Wildlife LIVE: Clash of the enemies in the Wildlife | Animal world Wild animals online let’s kill. Killing time. Kill animals and monsters. 😉 Lions attack and steal hyena meal – Lions steal food from leopard, cheetah, python, lioness Puppy Rescued On Deserted Island + Other Highly Unusual Animal Rescues Unbelievable! Crazy Rhino stalks sleeping lions – Rhino vs lions, hyenas, wild dogs Lion Cubs Defend His Brother From Pytho

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Jeff Davis Flea Market – Farm animals for sale

Videos June 12, 2018

From time to time, the Jeff Davis Flea Market will feature vendors in the parking lot offering ducks, rabbits, goats, chickens, quail, and other animals for sale. This video shows a few of them. mobile phones, accessories, furniture, scents, lotions, senegal, columbian fashions, mexican restaurant, fruits, vegetables, tortilla, vaping, taxes, accounting, thrift, second hand, discount, 5700 Jefferson Davis Highway, North Chesterfield, Richmond, Virginia, 23234, 804-972-0795, computer repair, collectibles, alteration, dresses, books, stereo systems, flea market, lupita, pinatas, quince, latinos, latinas, hispanic, Lion of Mercy, perfumes, shakoora’s, men’s fashions,

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Alligator gar for Sale… Reasonable price

Videos June 10, 2018

Dear people, Greetings for the day… {Contact Number:+91 8838734602, 9952745799} If you want to sell your pets then just send us your video on email or at WhatsApp email:buypetsandsale@gmail.com whatsapp number:7598228875 Thank you

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Save The Animals Now Yard Sale

Videos June 9, 2018

Volunteers having fun!

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Animal news Mutated Damascus goat for sale in Egypt

Videos June 8, 2018

A BIZARRE-looking goat born in the Middle East has caused a stir after its owners put it up for sale. The beast appears to have a mutated head — larger than a normal goat, with a huge forehead and skin flap below its mouth. In video shot by its owners, it is seen in a holding pen, dwarfing other creatures. But the creature — born in Egypt — is not mutated, but actually a Damascus goat. Also known as the Aleppo, Halep, Baladi, Damascene, Shami, or Chami, these goats are kept for milk, meat, hides, and their odd looks. They can sell for up to £50,000. Ahmed Ramadan posted the footage to a Facebook group about goats on Wednesday. Since then, it has had a staggering 900,000 views. Viewers reacted with a mixture of shock and horror. One person said if it was living in Damascus,

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    Never support the sale of these wild animals for sale in street stalls in Indonesia. Buying these animals only supports the sellers and makes the problem worse. PLEASE LIKE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE

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