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New Healthy pug puppies on sale

Videos May 16, 2018

Call 9140752208 Watts app 7275863266

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25 Murrah buffalo for sale directly from village of Punjab

Videos May 13, 2018

This video features 25 Murrah buffalo for sale directly from village of Punjab.

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Plush Webkinz and stuffed animals for SALE and Possible trade

Videos May 11, 2018

Webkinz and plush for sale. Includes Douglas and Wild Republic, as well as other brands.

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Empress Market Sunday Karachi Dogs for Sale Jamshed Asmi Informative Channel

Videos May 10, 2018

Video by S M Jamshed Asmi Jamshed Asmi Informative Channel https://

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MURRAH buffalos for sale || 115000 || 145000 || 45000 ||

Videos May 9, 2018

3 animals for sale at our dairy farm 1. Hear is a 1st time delivered buffalo Now 3 day female calf This time milk 10 kg Peak 14 kg ++ 2. Another is 2nd time delivered Know 4 day delivered milk 11 kg Having good quality female calf Peak 15 kg + 3. 15 months Murrah Heifer Mother milk 17 kg Very Good quality Murrah

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LIVE: Feral caternity ward and kitten nursery – TinyKittens.com

Videos May 3, 2018

More about our rescue work: Our VIP livestream: Ways to help: Weight chart: https://bit.ly/2Hcj8oR UPDATE MAY 2: Aura went to the vet today for a checkup because of her stuffy nose that has been forcing her to breathe through her mouth, and her lower lip is developing a sore. The good news is that her temp is normal, her lungs are clear (yay), her respiration rate is good and she remains a feisty little fighter. We have consulted with her specialist and our regular vets, and there is unfortunately nothing we can do to help her nose clear up except to continue with round-the-clock supportive care to help her get bigger and stronger. Her mouth-breathing looks alarming and her lip seems to be getting worse (it

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American Bully : FTB FLOOD & puppy 4 sale

Videos May 1, 2018


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Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo For Sale At Salman’s Exotic Pet Store

Videos April 26, 2018

Salman’s Exotic Pet Store is located opposite the Mega Mall in Oshiwara, Mumbai. For any question, please call Salman at the number given on screen. Thank you fot watching this video.

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karachi animals sale for qurbani 2018

Videos April 23, 2018

karachi animals sale for qurbani 2018 Buy Bakra, Cow, Dumba, Goat, Camel online for sale to sacrifice or Qurbani at Eid-ul-Azha Adha 2017 in Pakistan for … We can deliver in all major cities of Pakistan including Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Rawalpindi, … Bakra for Sale Cow for Sale Sell Animals Online for … Bakra / Goat for Sale Buy Sheep / Dumba For Qurbani Sadqa, Sadaqa Bakra Sale in … Buy Goat Bakra Vip for Eid ul …

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Grand Eclectus Parrots For Sale At Allianz Portable Zoo

Videos April 22, 2018

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the videos on FSA Entertainment are solely those of the Interviewees/Sellers and do not necessarily represent or reflect the official views or opinions of FSA Entertainment. FSA Entertainment is a public platform and does not authenticate, endorse, support, or promote malpractice in trading goods, Pets or any other thing. Viewers are advised to use discretion rights before dealing with the traders. Pets and Animal market covered in our videos is merely a reflection of trade and we do not support illegal trade and animal cruelty. Treatment towards birds & animals is the sole responsibility of the sellers/keepers. FSA Entertainment shall not be held responsible for their actions. Request you to kindly check the authenticity of the seller bef

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